Phoreal - Sync Your Filters

We're super proud to announce Enigmatic Ape's first iOS 7 app, Phoreal.

Phoreal saves filtered and rotated copies of your iOS 7 photos to your camera roll so that when you copy your photos over to your Windows PC you still get your filters and all your photos come out the right way up. Now your photos are awesome again!

Learn more about Phoreal by clicking here, or download it from the app store.

Download on the App Store


News - Phoreal Launched - So finally, we shipped something! Enigmatic Ape is proud to announce the launch of Phoreal, a small photo utility app that saves filtered and rotated copies of your lovely iOS7 photos to your camera roll so that you keep your filters when you sync with WIndows PCs and older macs. Read More

Objective C

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Beaker from the Muppets

Blog - Comment Alert Bork - Apologies to anyone who's left a comment and I've not replied or acknowledged. Somewhat annoyingly, the gmail account that I use to interact with Disqus has decided to file all communications from Disqus in the spam folder. I'm sure this was just a mistake, eh ? Read More

People standing in a cirlce.

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Blog - Finding Out What Version Of Your iOS App Was Originally Installed : Part 2 – The Ugly Way - In part 1 I wrote up a method of finding out what version of your iOS app a user originally installed that works great, provided you can get a network connection and the App Store servers are up. Read More

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