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Launched in January 2013, Enigmatic Ape is an agile software startup and the brainchild, muse, and trading name of Steve Trewick. Currently focussed on building a stable of great iOS apps, Enigmatic Ape hopes to diversify its portfolio of offerings in the near future to include further desktop and mobile platforms and to offer software and technical consulting.

Steve runs Enigmatic Ape, along with his trusty four legged companion Office Cat from a basement lair office (not illustrated) in the North East of England, UK.

About Steve

Before founding Enigmatic Ape, Steve was mooching about and taking occasional consulting gigs at the more esoteric end of the computer programming spectrum, most recently involving reverse engineering encrypted device driver communications protocols and implementing a software emulation of some tricksy hardware which was heading towards obsolescence rather quickly.

Prior to that he worked in software development and technical roles, starting off in software startup during the tech bubble, and ending up in BPR, MI systems and legacy code hacking afterward. In between, he took a sojourn into the cubicle dwelling world of global corporate services where he worked with some of the more obscure parts of Microsoft, Proctor and Gamble, Cisco, American Express and Citibank.

He has a pretty diverse portfolio of skills, including networking, security, database admin and systems admin, but remains (stubbornly) primarily a code guy. He also likes cats. You can find what there is of his profile on Linkedin here.

About Office Cat

Office cat is a cat. Her main skills are debugging, finding the warmest place in the office and colonising it, and licking parts of herself you'd never imagine even a cat could reach. She fears nothing. Except birds. And vacuum cleaners. And bin liners, for some obscure reason.


News - Phoreal Launched - So finally, we shipped something! Enigmatic Ape is proud to announce the launch of Phoreal, a small photo utility app that saves filtered and rotated copies of your lovely iOS7 photos to your camera roll so that you keep your filters when you sync with WIndows PCs and older macs. Read More

Objective C

Blog - What Do You Do When Your ObjC Completion Handler Needs To Retry ? - I've been coding against Facebook's Graph API the past few days, and it turns out - not unreasonably - that like Twitter, some of their error messages request you to retry (or to back off, wait and retry if you're a good web citizen and don't want to get your App hell banned) ... Read More


News - Enigmatic Ape Website Gets New Look - Well, it’s been looking pretty quiet around here since Christmas, but that’s only on the surface. Under the surface things have been fearsome busy. A bit like a swan. An enigmatic swan. An enigmatic swan with an HTML editor, a copy of Twitter Bootstrap, a penchant for PHP coding and a lean startup business plan. Which as swans go, is pretty damn enigmatic. Read More

Beaker from the Muppets

Blog - Comment Alert Bork - Apologies to anyone who's left a comment and I've not replied or acknowledged. Somewhat annoyingly, the gmail account that I use to interact with Disqus has decided to file all communications from Disqus in the spam folder. I'm sure this was just a mistake, eh ? Read More

People standing in a cirlce.

News - Enigmatic Ape Goes Social Bananas - It’s been a busy week here in the Enigmatic Ape basement command bunker, and let me tell you, Office Cat is a harsh taskmaster. This week we’ve been starting to lay the foundations for our ‘social media marketing strategy’, a potent blend of secret techniques contributed by an elite team of social media and marketing mercenaries, and this one bloke I met down the pub who says he runs a record label. Read More


Blog - Finding Out What Version Of Your iOS App Was Originally Installed : Part 2 – The Ugly Way - In part 1 I wrote up a method of finding out what version of your iOS app a user originally installed that works great, provided you can get a network connection and the App Store servers are up. Read More

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