The Awesome Scheduling Power Of ‘No’


Over recent years, there’s been a lot of success getting developers and business managers talking about development paradigms (MVC, OOP) from the 1960s and 1970s and business and development methodologies (Lean, Agile, Kanban) from the 1950s. Despite all this new and exciting stuff, a significant amount of software development, particularly corporate in house stuff, is still done by wandering up to a developer or team lead and giving them a project to do, preferably by Tuesday, if you think you can fit it in ? Thanks ever so much!

If you’re familiar with this situation, you’ll also be familiar with some other fun stuff : Developers nesting in the building late at night shotgunning red bull, schedule slippage, and a general feeling of complete lack of control over your development process being amongst them.

The situation usually arises because the IT / development folks are eager to deliver business value, which is super, but are either unwilling or unable – due to attitude, process or miscellaneous human factors – to ‘push back’ when things aren’t going to plan (always assuming there is a plan).

This is A Bad Thing™. Not just for developers but for the whole business. A manager of my acquaintance during my corporate days came up with a very colorful allegory, which describes the situation nicely. Imagine you are standing on one side of a wall. Periodically, someone throws a hand grenade without a pin in it over the wall. You can either keep hold of the grenade, or you can throw it back. […Read More…]

Amazing Footage Of RC Plane Launched From Stratosphere


So, if you tricked out a radio controlled 'plane with an HD camera, a GPS tracker, a radio transmitter to send the video back to Earth, strapped it onto a weather balloon, flew it to the edge of space and then tried to pilot it home, what would it look like ?

It would look awesome. It would look like this

This is the work of David Windestål, a Sweedish RC aircraft enthusiast and, lets face it, dude. If you're of a technical bent, you can find a comprehensive write up over at The site also contains some other amazing stuff, like this rocket plane!

Firefox OS Offers No Browser Choice – Just Like Apple!


Recently we’ve seen Mozilla’s VP of product suggesting that Apple’s “unfriendly attitude” to third party browsers was hurting iOS users. Apple, of course, insists that all web browsing is done via the WebKit engine built into iOS.

Now it just so happens that Mozilla is currently working on a mobile OS of their own (who isn’t these days ?). Not dissimilar to Palm’s now sadly defunct WebOS, the Firefox Mobile OS is a thin Linux stack that boots you directly to, essentially, a web browser view. Everything you do from that point is on is a web app, coded with HTML, CSS and Javascript. [Read More]

No One – Least Of All Apple – Cares About Mozilla’s Mobile Browser


It seems that Mozilla has been rattling imaginary sabers at Apple.

During a talk at annual hipster convocation SXSW, Mozilla VP of Product (Mozilla has products now ?) Jay Sullivan quoth :

Mozilla’s Firefox browser will have no place on Apple devices so long as Apple continues its unfriendly attitude toward third-party browsers.

That sounds kind of like the play Adobe made with Flash. It didn’t work for Adobe, even though they had – or had what many people believed to be – a compelling technology. Mozilla’s position is not even remotely similar. Here’s a pie chart from NetMarketShare showing mobile browser market share for 2013 so far. [Read More]

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