Delight, surprise, love, connection.


From the intro to the WWDC 2013 Keynote :

The first thing we do is ask, what do we want people to feel ? Delight, surprise, love, connection. Then we begin to craft around our intention.

Wow. I mean, blech, right ? So much design luvvie navel gazing wankery, right ? Only, well ...

This week, I upgraded from my ageing iPhone 3GS. I knew I needed to do it, but I've been putting it off for a while. I didn't want a new phone. I've been carrying that 3GS around for over two years. When I first got it, surprise and delight were the exact emotions it evoked in me.

On the eve of WWDC, knowing that I had to upgrade, that the advent of iOS 7 would finally render it obsolete - or maybe just force me to admit that it was already - I actually had an anxiety dream about the new phone being dreadful. I like tech, I've been rampaging through platforms and devices since the early 1980s, but that never happened before. That's how visceral the connection was. Love ? By many definitions, I believe you could call it that.

And then, the WWDC Keynote. Surprise. And on Tuesday morning, at 9am, I finally became an iPhone 5 owner. Delight. By Wednesday - and it would have been sooner if not for a DSL fault - I was an iOS 7 user, and my partner, who was up until that point carrying an Android, was also an iPhone 5 owner. Love. And since then, it's barely been out of my hand, or hers. Connection.

That's why Apple is making all the profit in the mobile sector. That's why Apple has the loyalest customer base. That's why the 5,000 developers sitting in that keynote so uncynically and enthusiastically cheered the intro.

Because it isn't just a wanky marketing statement. It's not even a promise. It's a simple statement of fact. Those are design goals that Apple achieves.

Best Data Quote Ever


Dan Milstein of Hut 8 Labs has an excellent post on software rewrites up at the On Startups blog.

It contains the best description of data that I've ever come across, one which certainly resonates with me after several MIS data migrations.

"data" is, to a first approximation, "a bunch of opaque numbers which
don't mean anything to you, but which people will be super pissed off
about if they're wrong").

Hell yes.

Amazing Footage Of RC Plane Launched From Stratosphere


So, if you tricked out a radio controlled 'plane with an HD camera, a GPS tracker, a radio transmitter to send the video back to Earth, strapped it onto a weather balloon, flew it to the edge of space and then tried to pilot it home, what would it look like ?

It would look awesome. It would look like this

This is the work of David Windestål, a Sweedish RC aircraft enthusiast and, lets face it, dude. If you're of a technical bent, you can find a comprehensive write up over at The site also contains some other amazing stuff, like this rocket plane!

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