Phoreal Launched


So finally, we shipped something! Enigmatic Ape is proud to announce the launch of our first iOS 7 app, Phoreal.

Phoreal is a small photo utility app that was written specifically to scratch an itch we had. Transferring photos over to some machines from iOS 7 resulted in the loss of our lovely filters. Then an associate started using an iPhone with Windows and noticed that many of the photos copied over from the iPhone's DCIM folder were the wrong way up (there'll be a technical blog post about why these things happen coming up shortly).

And so Steve wrote Phoreal to save copies of correctly filtered and rotated photos to the iOS 7 camera roll where they can be easily synced over to Windows machines and older macs.

Even though it's a super simple app, we plan to update it with some new features and options in the near future, and of course, we'll be fixing any bugs that come up.

Here's a video we made to show how Phoreal works. To learn more about Phoreal click here. Or download on the app store!

Enigmatic Ape Website Gets New Look


Well, it’s been looking pretty quiet around here since Christmas, but that’s only on the surface. Under the surface things have been fearsome busy. A bit like a swan. An enigmatic swan. An enigmatic swan with an HTML editor, a copy of Twitter Bootstrap, a penchant for PHP coding and a lean startup business plan. Which as swans go, is pretty damn enigmatic.

Enigmatic Ape Goes Social Bananas

People standing in a cirlce.

It’s been a busy week here in the Enigmatic Ape basement command bunker, and let me tell you, Office Cat is a harsh taskmaster. This week we’ve been starting to lay the foundations for our ‘social media marketing strategy’, a potent blend of secret techniques contributed by an elite team of social media and marketing mercenaries, and this one bloke I met down the pub who says he runs a record label.

Enigmatic Ape To Get Designer Makeover


This week, the Enigmatic Ape website will be a whole month old. Really, we're still getting the bugs out of the CMS code, getting a feel for what's required to take the site forward as a key part of the business, and generally fiddling with things.

As part of the site's evolution, the Ape has recruited a crack team of designers to engage in a branding and graphic design exercise that will lift the site out of its current 'under construction' minimalist programmer art doldrums and up to the heady heights of, well, height.

As I write this, an elite cadre of design ninjas at a secret location somewhere in the UK are sharpening their cyber-crayons, lighting up the joss sticks and spinning up the whale song CDs and preparing to, er, well, do whatever it is that designers do. Given it's Monday morning, this probably involves grunting and caffeine. Certainly that's what office cat and I have spent our time on.

Office cat eats crayons, and is not very good at design. Moar coffee!

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