Enigmatic Ape Goes Social Bananas

It's been a busy week here in the Enigmatic Ape basement command bunker, and let me tell you, Office Cat is a harsh taskmaster. This week we've been starting to lay the foundations for our 'social media marketing strategy', a potent blend of secret techniques contributed by an elite team of social media and marketing mercenaries, and this one bloke I met down the pub who says he runs a record label.

The most immediate result of this is that there are now a glittering array of shiny javascript powered buttons - with judderingly slow load times - at the bottom of all blog posts and (probably later) some of the static pages, so that if you see something you like at Enigmatic Ape you can inflict it on everyone you know with the bare minimum of effort. Especially pictures of Office Cat. I think we all know that cats have basically won the internet.

As if that wasn't thrillingly gregarious enough, you can now find Enigmatc Ape on Facebook and though the content is somewhat bare at the moment, we expect it will shortly become quite thrilling. Or at the very least, contain lots of Office Cat pictures and stories from the blog.

And of course you can follow Enigmatic Ape on twitter.

Office Cat Says : Type Faster Monkey

Codemonkey, iOS developer, neophyte entrepreneur, frequent hat wearer. Founder of Enigmatic Ape (@EnigmaticApe). Recidivist tea drinker. Sound tennis noob with NEVITC. Now available in Twitter, and ADN

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