Enigmatic Ape Website Gets New Look

Well, it's been looking pretty quiet around here since Christmas, but that's only on the surface. Under the surface things have been fearsome busy. A bit like a swan. An enigmatic swan. An enigmatic swan with an HTML editor, a copy of Twitter Bootstrap, a penchant for PHP coding and lean startup business plan. Which as swans go, is pretty damn enigmatic.

Dodgy swan analogies aside, if you're a returning visitor (in which case welcome back and happy 2013!) you'll notice that the site has changed quite a bit. I hope for the better. The original site was always more of a template to build on than something to use going forward. In keeping with Enigmatic Ape's lean/agile principles I intend to keep iterating over the site's functionality and (especially) design.

As you can probably tell, I have made heavy use of Twitter's Bootstrap framework. This has its advantages and disadvantages, which I'll write a longer post about later, but the main plus point is that it really does aid speed of development and deployment if you're not a CSS layout ninja.

I've also added quite a bit of code under the hood, some of which is going to find its way into WordPress plugins over the next month or so as I refactor all the cruft out of my functions.php and foist it onto a largely unwilling and completely unprepared world. Mwahahahah, etc.

It hasn't just been the web site that's been under construction either, so look out for lot's more enigmatic news and outlandish poultry metaphors in 2013.

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